Saturday, January 16, 2010

To the birthday boy!

Okay it's time for a new post!
Yesterday was a very special day..It was the 24th anniversery of Ryan Kamalani Spiker's birth. As you all know, Ryan is the most wonderful man/husband. I thought it only appropriate to share with you all 24 reasons why I love him soooo much..

1. He is always trying to make me laugh. Even when I'm in a not-so-happy mood, he'll tickle me or make funny faces and do whatever it takes to make me smile :)
2. He is such a positive person. He always tries to find the bright side in sticky situations and everyone he meets loves him
3. He watches romantic movies and spoons with me
4. He is a very hard worker
5. He tells me that I'm beautiful EVERY single day
6. He is very in tune to people's feelings and is always willing to lend a helping hand. He would give the shirt off his back to help someone else.
7. We never go to sleep without cuddling and giving eachother a kiss goodnight.
8. He is a leader in our home
9. He loves his Father in Heaven and his savior
10. He is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, every part about him
11. He makes me want kids because he is soooo cute with them. And they all love him
12. He takes the trash out every time it's full because he knows I hate doing it.
13. Every night when I come home from work he greets me by picking me up and giving me a HUGE hug and kiss
14. He has an amazing passion for golf. I love that he has such a great hobby that brings him so much joy.
15. Sometimes when he hears romantic music, he'll randomly take my hand and slow dance with me
16. He is always clean and smells soooo good
17. He is always doing things to make me happy. I'll come home to a clean house, or he'll fill my gas tank, or surprise me with a little present, I love how he is so thoughtful.
18. His smile makes me melt, I will be content forever just seeing him smile every day
19. He is such a gentlemen. Always opening doors for me and for others.
20. He takes care of me when I'm sick and always reminds me that whatever we go through, we go through it together
21. He says the most halarious random things in his sleep
22. He will not let me fix anything or set anything up, he loves to take charge and be the man of the house
23. He loves me with all his heart and I know that with all mine
24. He asked me to marry him and we've been together every day since. I could go on and on sharing things I love about him but marrying Ryan was the best decision I have ever made. There isn't anyone in this world that is more perfect for me than he is. I love him with all my heart and will continue to forever and ever.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN, you are loved!!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

6 whole months of wedded bliss..

To my surprise, I came home from work tonight to find a lovely display of orchids and a yummy red velvet cake for our half anniversery!! I'm such a lucky girl..

..I'm so happy that I found my soulmate. He's a dreamboat and I love him oh so much.
Here's to many more wonderful months of marriage!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What we've been up to lately..

Our past few fun-filled weeks in California have been wonderful. We pretty much have gotten settled in and are getting into a nice little routine. We spend the mornings switching off between going to the gym to get our blood pumpin, and relaxing while making breakfast. Then we both get ready and go to work. After a long day at work we come home to eachother, talk about our day, usually watch a movie and fall asleep. When the weekends come...It's party time!!

The first weekend we were here, we had a bbq with my friends Sarah and Taryn and their husbands and parents. We gathered at the pool to bbq hot dogs and hamburgers, play water volleyball and have a good ole time while enjoying eachothers company.

I didn't get any pictures of our intense volleyball game, but I snapped one of Ryan being a model and one of my very pregnant bff Sarah.

The beach is easily one of my very favorite places to be. I would live there if I could. This past weekend I got to enjoy it's company. It was a beautiful hot, sunny day. Ryan, my Dad, Maverick and I drove down to a little secluded beach where we could have Mav off his leash. We packed a lunch with sandwiches, pineapples, apples and chips. It was sooo much fun and Maverick loved running free with the other dogs in the ocean. We had to watch him closely though, the waves on the back pull were a little bit strong for him.

Besides that we have gone on a couple dates that include dinner and a movie, and had outrageous game nights with groups of friends. We have had some really fun experiences so far and I'm so excited to have more.!

And also, something I'm noticing more and more, maybe it's just the season but It seems like everyone and their mom is pregnant! We know 7 people who are prego or just had a baby. And not just that but everywhere I go, I feel like I see people with big bellys everywhere! Maybe I'm just starting to take notice more.. They ARE soo adorably cute..

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Long time no post!

So I've gotten very lazy with blogging lately and decided that it is time for an update.
So much has been going on with Ry and I lately. We've taken a few trips home to visit family and attend weddings, gone horseback riding, hiking, camping, wakeboarding, and have enjoyed hanging out with our friends! Also it has been really nice having Rachel and DJ (Ryan's sister and her husband), up here in Utah because they like to do lots of different things as much as we do! A favorite thing to do is play Wallyball. It's a super fun game of volleyball in a raquetball court. We seriously play like every other day and are always recruiting people to join. It's a blast!
Recently we went on a camping trip that was really fun. We went up to Strawberry something to camp and fish. The group consisted of Ryan and I, Rylie and Kyle, Rachel, Dj, Jake, and Dylan. We spent most of the time fishing. Ryan caught the first fish and it was a whopper! He was proud. I also caught one, and insisted we put it back. I dont know why, I mean, I like to eat fish and all, It's delish, It just makes me uneasy to do the dirty work. Dylan didn't mind though. DJ caught him a fish to play with and if you took it away, the kid became hysterical. You can kind of see it in one of the pictures but he had blood all over him from holding and kissing the fish. It was too funny. Anyway, Here are some pictures of the trip..

Other than that, our apartment is a disaster right now because we are in the process of moving!..Yep! This week we are moving back to California! I'm really excited. We are both going to be crazy busy working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, but it will be really good to save up some money for our future plans. We plan on only staying about a year, maybe two, tops. Also, my best friend Sarah is Prego so I am absolutely thrilled that I get to share this time with her! Some of Ryan's family is down there too so hopefully we'll get to spend some time with them. Woo! No more beach deprivation!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Manna!

Today is May 8Th 2009 and it's Amanda's 20Th birthday! And I, being her husband, have decided to take it upon myself to share with everyone some of the great joy Amanda brings into our humble abode and why I am so lucky to share this life with her. I don't think I've ever met a more kind person. Amanda goes so far out of her way to make sure that people are happy. She loves to try new things in the kitchen and is always thinking of meals that I would enjoy even if it's something that she isn't fond of. Our new home is always so clean and crisp and it's all because of her. I try to help but I know that this place would probably be a disaster if she wasn't always on top of it. She is always coming up with new ideas to suprise me with. Even if it's something so little. She's always happy. There is never a time when she can't put a smile on her face even if she is having a miserable day. She loves to be healthy and active. I feel very fortunate to have someone that is so vibrant and strong, who puts off such a positive energy. I don't know how anyone could possibly not get along with her. She's great... I couldn't have asked for a better wife or a best friend and I love her so much. If there was one perfect decision I made in my life it would be choosing her to be with me for the rest of my days and I'm so thankful that she chose me back. Oh, and did I mention that I have the most beautiful person on the earth as my wife? Betchya can't top that!

Happy Birthday love..

Your husband, Ryan.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I don't want to overdo it with a ton of pictures so here are some of our favorites from our wedding. They turned out awesome! We are very pleased.

And we have a lot of really good pictures of other members of the family that I would love to possibly send in e-mail or something. If you would like to see them just let me know!

Yay for Spring!

Yay warm weather! I walked outside today and it was sunny and warm!....And then the funniest thing, Maverick apparently had been mud wamping while we were admiring the lovely weather and came darting around the corner covered in mud. Ryan grabbed him while I hurried to fill the bath tub. He actually didn't mind the bath. He's so much fun.
And this past week Ryan and I had the privilege of watching Claire at our home while Becca, his sister went shopping in Salt Lake. I was so happy that she called us! We went outside on our patio and watched the snow fall, played with Maverick, ate Mac and Cheese, etc. We had such a fun time with her. I hope that our future babies are as easy, adorable and fun as Claire :)

While Claire was playing with my phone, somehow she dialed 911 and we had to answer like 15 questions to stop the police from coming to our house.

On Easter day, we woke up and opened the Easter baskets that we made for eachother and then left for the Spiker's house to eat a delicious Linner. Rhonda surprised us with another Easter basket with lots of goodies. We're set on candy for a looong time. After linner we headed downstairs to watch the babies hunt for eggs. They pretty much picked up on the idea of putting the eggs into the basket so it was really cute to watch. It was a gorgeous day on Easter so Ryan, Maverick and I took a walk to the park to play. My husband the monkey man decided he wanted to climb a very large/tall tree, almost giving me a heart attack. Overall, we had a very happy Easter!

Here are some pictures of the park: